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How to remove the drivers head from view in older Assetto Corsa car mods in VR


Sometimes you come across a car mod on Assetto Corsa where the author hasn’t updated it in a while, or isn’t aware of the driver model changes introduced by Kunos a while back, and because of this, the driver’s head is visible floating in-front of you while you attempt to race.
Driver's Head in VRThere are several solutions to deal with this annoyance, but each of them has their own issues, which I’ll explain below.

If the car has a data folder you can add the text below to the ‘driver3d.ini’ file to remove the driver’s head and face, and make it like the stock Kunos cars.


You should replace the number 2 in [HIDE_OBJECT_2] section with the next number down in the list of things that are already listed under ‘HIDE_OJBECT’ sections. This will fix the driver model for every skin with the car.

Note: If you are trying to race online and the server has checksums in place you most likely won’t be able to join as you have modified the data of the car).

You can also force a specific driver model to be loaded per skin since a recent update, even in Kunos cars and mod cars with encrypted data, you can force the game to load the older driver model that doesn’t have a head / face by using the ‘skin.ini’ found in each car’s specific skins folder.



With this method you should replace driver_no_HANS with the name of the older driver model that doesn’t have a head from your Steam ‘common\assettocorsa\content\driver’ folder (I can’t remember which driver model it is right now, but I’ll update soon after a test) – If the skin you wish to use doesn’t have a ‘skin.ini’ file, you can create one.

Note: Although this method will use a visually older driver model, it will be compatible with all online servers etc.