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Pro Tip: Use RealHeadMotion for Assetto Corsa in VR for reduced motion sickness and increased immersion!


Since there has been a lot of opinion (and confusion) recently on what the best camera setting is for racing simulators in VR, I decided to try and tweak it myself using the RealHeadMotion app for Assetto Corsa. What this app does (put simply) is allow you to have more options than just ‘camera locked to horizon’ or ‘camera locked to car’.

With RealHeadMotion you can have both of those AND everything in between, including different settings for pitch and roll. So now you can have it filter the small bumps out without the head staying locked to the horizon when the car is rolling around you in a crash and without the car dash coming up too much and blocking your view in big compressions like Eu Rouge etc.

For those that don’t know what I’m on about, I’ve copied a passage from the forum topic regarding the app.

What happens in a car (REAL LIFE)
When you are driving, you are looking the road, and all the bumps are filter/corrected by your inner hear, so the viewing of the track is smooth and it’s the car cockpit that moving around you.

What happens in a Sim
Because you are sitting and a standing chair/seat, you head is not moving at all, so the inner ear is not working, the eye don’t correct the bumps.
That’s make 2 issues :
1) you can’t focus on the road, the road is shaking and not smooth, it’s difficult to drive
2) you can get nausea because you have conflicting information from eyes and inner hear.

How it should be in a Sim
The camera should stayed focus on the track and not locked to car cockpit,that’s what my App is doing by filtering bumps and slopes.

The app uses freetrack / opentrack so never worked previously in VR… however since the latest Assetto Corsa update with consumer VR support, and the latest update to RealHeadMotion I’m happy to report it works perfectly.

RealHeadMotion settings for AC

Only the 2 top values are applicable in VR, as we already have native head tracking so don’t need any of the look functions. I’ve still to play with the settings and find the best values, however even the defaults of 90% for both pitch and roll are better than the camera completely locked to either the car or horizon.

As far as I can work out so far… 0% is locked to car… and 100% is locked to horizon.

Update: Since the original post I’ve found the lower values to be better for me, so it’s pretty much locked to the car, but with some bump filtering added in. I’ve now settled with 25% on the pitch filter, and 35% on the roll filter.

Give it a try and let me know how you get on!

Download the latest RealHeadMotion from the Assetto Corsa forum topic.